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The Songs We Were Singing

This is a story about how I fell in love with music. A few days ago I drove to Seattle to go to the Deck The Hall Ball, an incredible line up, with two of my current obsessions, Death Cab … Continue reading

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Emerald City Comicon 2011

Last weekend (March 4-6) I had the opportunity to attend Emerald City Comicon for the third year in a row. ECCC as it’s known, is one of Seattle, Washington’s biggest conventions, and one of the best Nerd Gatherings in the … Continue reading

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Canadians For A Saner America

On Saturday I went to The Rally to Restore Sanity. Which may seem less than sane, considering I’m a Canadian citizen living on the west coast of British Columbia – but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made … Continue reading

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olympic reflections

Buildings are covered in advertising right now – even ones that haven’t officially done so. The Sun is creating a myriad of advertisements in a concrete forest. I find it strangely beautiful. Coincidental Art.

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fence art

At the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal…trying to take photos of sunsets, I took photos of fences instead.

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far away

So one of my best friends is on her way to Korea now. She’ll be there for a year. Click on her blog!!!

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Welcome to Canada

I took this photo last Sunday in Vancouver – at the corner of West Georgia & Howe Streets, 4 days before the Games started. Go Canada Go!

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Blast From The Past

I’ve just figured out how to import posts from other sites, so I’ve updated this blog with a bunch of posts from my First Year Adventures, in the UK. I had the amazing opportunity to live in a Castle and … Continue reading

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ferry ride

Dusk on the water. Winter 2010.

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I’ve missed this city.

Vancouver This Summer – The night of lightning, fireworks, and an orange sky.

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