Pippa – About the Blogger

I never know what to say to describe myself in these sorts of things…what would random strangers on the internet, or close friends, or acquaintances want to know that can be contained in a few words, a few sentences, a few paragraphs, on a webpage?

How do I go about this without be pretentious, or preposterous; or coming off arrogant, the wrong kind of insane, self obsessed or naiive?

I was a high school honour student, a political science major without a clear purpose. These are not really accurate definitions anymore though.

I am a student once more, this time of Communications at Simon Fraser University.

I am an obsessive personality; a lover of books, of science fiction, of television and of movies; a banker (who never thought she would describe herself as such); someone who listens to certain songs on infinite loops, and gets lost in the music.

I recently moved to Vancouver, BC and am exploring a new city. Learning to love the twists and turns of life amongst the masses, and learning more about myself every day.

I wish that I had gotten my Hogwarts letter at eleven, and I don’t know where I’ll end up or the path I’ll take to get there.


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