Italian Adventure

So i got back to the castle on the 6th of January. Tiffany and Katrina and I decided on the 9th, close to midnight, to go to Italy to Visit Jenn in Genova (Genoa) that weekend. We booked our flights and left on the 12th to go to Stansted Airport, north of London. We had … Continue reading Italian Adventure

Christmas Holidays Part III

Wow, no updates with pictures since that long ago! i've been slacking i suppose! (or doing too much actual schoolwork, either way...!) Well, here are the concluding pics of Christmas holidays, a whole 2 months or more ago! Annie left to go to Euro Disney, and on the 27th both Alix and Jenn showed up! … Continue reading Christmas Holidays Part III

It's almost 4 am here in rainy England, and in about 1 hour i'm going to get on a bus and head off to Brussels and then Paris with my entire school! Expect lots of Pictures soon!!!!!!!! - Pippa