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aly and i are in york now, and we’ve finished with scotland (inverness and edinburgh), no loch ness monster sightings per se, although if you count us pretending to be the monster…. haha, off for more adventure Advertisements

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Hey all, aly and alix and i are in edinburgh right now, and tomorrow we head to inverness, looking forward to seeing everyone, and i’ll post more pictures when i get home! talk to all of you soon!

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Wales, March 3-5th, 2006

So, i’m finally getting up to date with these entries! my goodness! Last weekend i went on a trip organised by the school (for 50 people or so) to Wales. More specifically, to Snowdonia National Park. The purpose of the … Continue reading

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Midterm Trip Part II

We left Brussels in the afternoon of the 21st, and headed to Paris on our trusty buses

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Midterm Trip Part I

Our Midterm Trip this semester was to Brussles and Paris! It was super awesome, so much amazing stuff, and people, and food…!

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Keats’ House and Geo Field Class

On February 4th the English Classes all went to Keats’ house in Hampstead (part of London)

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Bath, Jan 28th, 2006

This was our school ‘cultural studies trip’ to Bath, which was gorgeous but EXTREMELY cold! we got up super early for the 4ish hour bus ride to Bath, some really beautiful countryside, marred only by the fact that we were … Continue reading

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Italian Adventure

So i got back to the castle on the 6th of January. Tiffany and Katrina and I decided on the 9th, close to midnight, to go to Italy to Visit Jenn in Genova (Genoa) that weekend.

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Christmas Holidays Part III

Wow, no updates with pictures since that long ago! i’ve been slacking i suppose! (or doing too much actual schoolwork, either way…!) Well, here are the concluding pics of Christmas holidays, a whole 2 months or more ago!

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It’s almost 4 am here in rainy England, and in about 1 hour i’m going to get on a bus and head off to Brussels and then Paris with my entire school! Expect lots of Pictures soon!!!!!!!! – Pippa

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