aly and i are in york now, and we've finished with scotland (inverness and edinburgh), no loch ness monster sightings per se, although if you count us pretending to be the monster.... haha, off for more adventure

Wales, March 3-5th, 2006

So, i'm finally getting up to date with these entries! my goodness! Last weekend i went on a trip organised by the school (for 50 people or so) to Wales. More specifically, to Snowdonia National Park. The purpose of the trip: to climb a mountain, and do other crazy outdoor activities. Now, a little more … Continue reading Wales, March 3-5th, 2006


It's almost 4 am here in rainy England, and in about 1 hour i'm going to get on a bus and head off to Brussels and then Paris with my entire school! Expect lots of Pictures soon!!!!!!!! - Pippa