Friday Reads: Mastiff

Book: Mastiff Author: Tamora Pierce Published: 2011 Pages: 581 Category: fiction: Young Adult I was really looking forward to the final book in Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper trilogy, but Mastiff did not end up being exactly what I was hoping for in wrapping up the series. Instead of taking place in familiar locations or familiar … Continue reading Friday Reads: Mastiff


Friday Reads: The Name of The Star

Title: The Name of the Star Author: Maureen Johnson Published: 2011 Pages: 372 Category: Fiction: Young Adult The Name of the Star is a bit of a departure for Maureen Johnson. While Maureen consistently writes about awesome, independent, intelligent teens, they usually don't have to solve a murder. And there usually aren't paranormal elements involved. … Continue reading Friday Reads: The Name of The Star