Book 49: Lady Knight

Book Title: Lady Knight Author: Tamora Pierce Published: 2002 Pages: 409 Category: fiction: fantasy, fiction: young adult As I've said before, I read Tamora Pierce's novels often. I've been reading them since I was in Elementary School, and I continue to read them, often when stressed or busy, or when I don't have a new … Continue reading Book 49: Lady Knight

Book 47: Bloodhound

Book Title: Bloodhound Author: Tamora Pierce Published: 2009 Pages: 534 Category: fiction: young adult, fiction: fantasy I've put Tamora Pierce's books up on this blog before - I read them over and over again, and always love the characters she presents to her readers. Bloodhound is the continuation of the story she began with Terrier, … Continue reading Book 47: Bloodhound