Book 52: Dreamland

Book Title: Dreamland Author: Sarah Dessen Published: 2000 Pages: 250 Category: fiction: young adult Dreamland is such a different novel than the other novels I've read by Sarah Dessen. I've read her novels before for an escape, stories of love, and self discovery. Dreamland was along the same lines - about life and love and … Continue reading Book 52: Dreamland

Book 11: This Lullaby

Book Title: This Lullaby Author: Sarah Dessan Published: 2002 Pages: 345 Category: fiction: young adult Another book in my ‘Pippa gets stressed and reads stuff she’s already read’ series! And what do I read when I’m stressed? YA. And this time my reading YA was extra relevant, as the reason I was stressed was that … Continue reading Book 11: This Lullaby