Book 38: Abhorsen

Book Title: Abhorsen Author: Garth Nix Published: 2003 Pages: 358 Category: fiction: young adult, fiction: fantasy I find it hard to write about most series, or trilogies, as individual books, the story runs together throughout the three books in a way that I find hard to separate into individual reviews - the books will always … Continue reading Book 38: Abhorsen

Book 37: Lireal

Book Title: Lireal Author: Garth Nix Published: 2001 Pages: 487 Category: fiction: young adult, fiction: fantasy While it is evident from the beginning that Lireal's story takes place in the same world as Sabriel's did years before, we are not immediately able to figure out how her story will connect with that of Sabriel and … Continue reading Book 37: Lireal