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Book Review: Bossypants

Another book I chose to read during my break was Tina Fey’s newly released Bossypants. And I loved it. I think Tina Fey is amazing. She’s a smart, funny, feminist and her writing style does not disappoint. She talks about 30 … Continue reading

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Canadians For A Saner America

On Saturday I went to The Rally to Restore Sanity. Which may seem less than sane, considering I’m a Canadian citizen living on the west coast of British Columbia – but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made … Continue reading

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A Brand New Bright Obama Day!

I’m re-watching Inauguration footage right now – And I’m getting as many shivers as I did as my coworkers and i gathered around the only computer that would stream the CNN coverage this morning. I was worried that I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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A Post 9/11 World

Almost seven years after that early Tuesday morning tragedy we truly do live in a Post 9/11 world. That day the analysts and the pundits declared that the world would never be the same. That politics and history had reached … Continue reading

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Pippa and (American) Politics

Recently I would have pegged myself as a disenchanted Political Science Major. Unsure of what I really want to do in life and unhappy with my current program – just wanting to be out of university and into the world. … Continue reading

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