Book 42: Spirits In The Wires

Book Title: Spirits In The Wires Author: Charles de Lint Published: 2003 Pages: 448 Category: fiction: fantasy, fiction: urban fantasy If you haven't yet read a book by Charles de Lint, you should do so immediately. His books are brilliant mixes of urban life, life on the fringe, and his rich and wide variety of … Continue reading Book 42: Spirits In The Wires


Book 40: The Forever War

Book Title: The Forever War Author: Joe Haldeman Published: 1974 Pages: 265 Category: fiction: science fiction Joe Haldeman's The Forever War, though still considered 'older' science fiction, is dramatically differently than that of Heinlein's Starship Troopers. And in reading it, you can draw clear parallels to the American war in Vietnam, itself referred to as … Continue reading Book 40: The Forever War