Blast From The Past

I've just figured out how to import posts from other sites, so I've updated this blog with a bunch of posts from my First Year Adventures, in the UK. I had the amazing opportunity to live in a Castle and travel all over for my first year of University, and I kept a travel blog … Continue reading Blast From The Past



November 19th My English Class went To Cambridge (my prof did his doctorate there) to look about the town, take in the Literary-ness of it and look at an exhibit of Illuminated Manuscripts Here is loving Cambridge (cold though, very cold) The Cambridge Bridge of Sighs, (there is also one in Oxford Apparently) Sayland and … Continue reading Cambridge


Wow have things ever been busy here, field studies to Brighton, London (parliament, national library) and a trip to the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (of which i have many pictures!) There have also been 4 essays in the past 2.5 weeks, so that's why these things do not yet … Continue reading Update