On My Memories of Teenage Phone Calls

I was shocked today to see a news story about a mom who gave her son a new phone for Christmas but did so along with an 18-point “contract” about how he’ll be allowed to use it. Much of the commentary on the Internet and the radio ranged from “what a fabulous idea” to “that’s … Continue reading On My Memories of Teenage Phone Calls

The Fault in Our Stars [no spoilers]

Title: The Fault in Our Stars Author: John Green Published: 2012 Pages: 313 Category: fiction: young adult When I finished John Green's first novel, Looking For Alaska, I vividly remember  getting out of bed and writing at my desk for pages and pages. There was so much to think about, to reflect on, and I … Continue reading The Fault in Our Stars [no spoilers]

Summer in Vancouver

For me, summer in Vancouver is walking home from work over the Burrard Street Bridge.  I kind of  love bridges. Different cities, different favourite bridges. San Francisco has the Golden Gate, London has the Millennium Footbridge (affectionately called the wobbly bridge), Victoria has (for now) the Blue Bridge, and in Vancouver its Burrard Street. I … Continue reading Summer in Vancouver