Book Title: Lady Knight
Author: Tamora Pierce
Published: 2002
Pages: 409
Category: fiction: fantasy, fiction: young adult

As I’ve said before, I read Tamora Pierce’s novels often. I’ve been reading them since I was in Elementary School, and I continue to read them, often when stressed or busy, or when I don’t have a new book to be excited about. Or when she releases a new one!

I remember meeting Tamora Pierce at Bolen Books, in Victoria BC, while she was on a book tour for another series. On the table where she was signing, was the cover art for Lady Knight, a jacket without its book. I remember staring at it, consumed with the need to get my hands on that book. It would be another year before I could.


Lady Knight is the 4th book of the Protector of the Small quartet. Focusing on Keladry of Mindelan, the Protector of the Small series follows the journey of the first girl allowed to try to earn the rank of Knight. The first girl to try since her idol, Alanna of Trebond hid her identity for 8 years to earn her own shield.

Kel faces different challenges that Alanna did. While Alanna’s disguise as Alan, was a matter of life or death, Kel faces an intense amount of scrutiny and abuse as the only girl in a man’s world. Trying to enter a world that girls were not allowed into. That some would still keep girls out of.

Finally having earned her shield. Kel faces her first command – a situation that brings the prejudices of many who surround her to the forefront. Will hardened warriors and a city of refugees follow her orders and obey her role as Commander?

This book is great continuation of the previous four books before it – First Test, Page and Squire. The situations we find Kel in are real, are believable, despite the obvious fantastical elements of a world containing magic, and magical creatures. The bravery she and her companions show are admirable, and the characters as always, are loveable.

Another novel I will read again (and have).


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