Book Title: Let It Snow
Authors: John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle
Published: 2008
Pages: 352
Category: fiction: young adult


Let it Snow is a really lovely book. Three wonderful YA writers have come together to create an interlocking story in 3 parts. I’ve reread it every Christmas time since it was released in 2008. It really is a sweet story intertwining between three sets  of main characters.

One stranded on a train on Christmas Eve. One who’s parents are stranded at an airport far away. And one who, after suffering heartbreak, learns a valuable lesson about selflessness.

It seems like a part of Christmas for me, these intertwined stories about love and friendship. Another holiday tradition of mine is watching the movie Love Actually. Usually once at the beginning of December, and again on Christmas Eve.

In fact, I think, that’s one of my favourite parts about life. About people watching. Wondering at the links between people and what their stories may be. Whenever I’m on a bus I look around at all the people holding coffee cups. Where did they get those cups? There may be 20 Starbucks along this bus route – where did they start their journey? Where are they going? Is this the end of their day or the beginning?

This book is a great Holiday read, and I will continue to read it December after December, whether it snows or not.


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