I’ve just figured out how to import posts from other sites, so I’ve updated this blog with a bunch of posts from my First Year Adventures, in the UK. I had the amazing opportunity to live in a Castle and travel all over for my first year of University, and I kept a travel blog filled with pictures, and hilarious (at least I thought so at the time) anecdotes.

Feel free to peruse, most of the entries are tagged ‘2005’, ‘2006’, ‘herstmonceux’ or ‘travel’. But before you judge, you should know some things about First-Year-Uni-Pippa.

  • She was a fan of completely random capitalization/non-capitalization
  • She was an enthusiastic photographer, and liked using the different colour settings maybe a little too much
  • She really really wanted people to send her mail
  • She really thought the ducks were her friends
  • She went on exchange mainly to pretend she went to school at Hogwarts
  • She made some of the best friends in the world
  • She had the time of her life
  • She documented a lot of it.

Have fun.


2 thoughts on “Blast From The Past

  1. I knew you in first year, and I followed these, but I still have to say this is awesome. Also I am sorry I never sent you mail. 😦 I should send people mail. But they never mail me back. 😦

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