Vancouver This Summer – The night of lightning, fireworks, and an orange sky.


9 thoughts on “I’ve missed this city.

    1. yeah it was – it had been raining for a while before I took the picture, and the sky had turned everything so many different colours.

  1. That night was so surreal. I spent it still on a rooftop patio watching lightening and the sky changing colours. In retrospect, probably not the most safe thing in the world, but it was awesome all the same.

    1. I was also on a roof for a lot of it 😀

      We came out of a movie and the sky was bright orange & purple – so crazy – then we went onto Leah’s roof and watched the lightning & the fireworks that night. Whichever country’s performance was that night it got overshadowed by the lightning for sure.

    1. I couldn’t figure out which part of the sky to watch – the fireworks, or nature’s lightshow. incredible.

      How are you? Still in Vancouver I assume? What’s new?

      1. Still in Vancouver, getting started on second degree soon, and meanwhile ending up with a lot of shoes…. thanks to a staff discount. So I think that means I’m doing well.

        What’s going on with you? From what I follow you are back in Victoria, but making the odd trip over here?

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