Some updates regarding my last post – As I should have know before I posted, I have learned that the internet adage,  ‘Never Feed The Trolls’, is in fact a very important piece of advice to follow when attempting to convince others on the internet of your ideas.
I sincerely doubt that my last post had any effects on those who’s ideas I addressed, but I had to do it for my own personal satisfaction, because of my love of debating, and because I knew a lot of people who found the article disturbing, but were unable to put into words how or why.

I am not going to link to those over at The Spearhead again, because I do not want them to benefit from the extra traffic, nor do I want to give them the opportunity to quote me out of context (and suggest that I take some Midol) again. We differ fundamentally on both the importance and status of women in general, as well as on the primary purpose of Science Fiction. While they see Science Fiction as a boys-only club, I see it as a worthwhile and important medium for exploring all the difficult and confusing aspects of the human condition.

I will however link to two other articles that attempt to do the same thing I have in regards to the outrageous claims of this ‘Online Magazine’, Crimitism points out that Doctor Who was never really ‘straight’ and that Russell T. Davies’ renewal of the series did not make it any gayer than it already was (and links to my last post as a good point per point rebuttal of the article in question), as well as pointing out that their debating style is nonexistent.

– – –

As far as Blog Wars go, this has been quite entertaining, while not necessarily fruitful…


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