I’m re-watching Inauguration footage right now – And I’m getting as many shivers as I did as my coworkers and i gathered around the only computer that would stream the CNN coverage this morning.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to watch any of the ceremony as I was starting work at 9am, but when i got to work one of the supervisors was already setting up the CNN feed on a computer, and the 5 of us that were there all waited eagerly for it to work and for the event to happen. And although the video kept freezing we were able to keep the audio all the way through. My coworkers know that I am a Political Science Major. And the effort I put into my pursuit of politics and the emotional investment I put into this presidential campaign. At one point one of them looked at me and pushed me on the shoulder and told me I wasn’t allowed to start crying or else she would too – and she said she doesn’t cry at work 😀

There were enough of us in and few enough customers – About 3 people came into the bank  between 9 and 9:30, I think they were all watching it or listening in their cars – that I was able to listen to the entire Inaugural Address without having to stop and help anyone. And while I’m a bit miffed that I didn’t get to see everything and listening to everything, sitting on my couch in my Obama sweatshirt…I love that I shared this moment with people I care about. And I love that I wore my Obama ’08 Button on my shirt and no one told me to take it off.

This is a moment not just Americans, but for everyone. A moment of true hope. And after 8 years of having to change the channel when the president is speaking, I’m so grateful that this man has been elected. And while I am not an American, and there were a few words in that first address that made me twinge the wrong way, I look forward to seeing what this man can accomplish with a Democratic house and the momentum of a people behind him.

And when I left work at noon and got into my car to drive through the bright sunshine to campus I couldn’t help but sing out “Its a brand new bright Obama day!”


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