I’m sitting on the couch, mug of tea beside me, munching on the most amazing cookies – the product of a days worth of baking due the what I’ve taken to calling “Snowmageddon”

I love snow.

I know it messes things up, and its cold and its wet, and it makes travelling harder and makes it hard to drive.

But its beautiful.

I love the way everything goes quiet at night when the snow is falling. You can hear for miles but there’s nothing but the muting fall of snowflakes. I love the way that the snow hides, and you can see it falling through the beam of the streetlamps.

I love the quiet. I love the way the flakes stay on your face. I love the quiet crunch as you walk through it.

The snow in the day and the snow at night are completely different.

The snow in the day is public. Its community. Its checking on your neighbours to see if they need anything to the store. Its seeing your friends out shoveling, stopping to chat and then halving the work through helping each other.

The snow at night is personal. Nobody’s around and the flakes surround you. Swirling around and attaching to your scarf. I love the way the trees look, covered in white, and I love the way the day’s slush on the roads is covered by a new dusting of white over the dirt.

I love the snow. And while I understand why others see it differently, I don’t understand why we can’t all just pause. Take a deep breathe of the crisp air and look at the flakes falling from the sky and be slightly amazed.

Happy Snowmageddon – Enjoy it while it’s here.


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