So if you’re in Canada at the moment…you may have noticed that the Federal government, tired of being ignored in favour of the glamour of American Politics, by its citizens, decided to throw a temper tantrum. Including the Opposition leaders “jumping into bed with one another” The Prime Minister “daring” Stephane Dion to take this to the polls, and the Governor General having to “run home to declare what is basically a tiime out”

and the whole world ignoring it, including many Canadians….although the BBC did put us on the front page of their world news site! (for a couple hours, now we’re relegated to the Americas page)

Ultimately I’m extremely in favour of this coalition, and I think that this is an extremely interesting and exciting time for Canadian Politics – I’m just continually amazed at the bias in the media about this. from paper headlines declaing “NO NO NO – This CANNOT be allowed to HAPPEN” to “Prime Minister Harper Dion” If the media took a moment to do some research, or talk to anyone in Canadian Political Science they’d realize that there is constitutional precedence for this, and that we are among the very small minority of Western Democratic Nations that don’t consistently have coalition governments that govern quite effectively.

People who know I’m into politics, and who know I support the coalition have been emailing/messaging me and I’m currently have a discussion/argument with a fellow I graduated from High School with. Its going along like this:

him – Coalitions aren’t democratic. I didn’t vote for that.
me – Can I tell you my counter argument?

I think that it has the potential to be even more democratic than a government that was elected with 38% of the vote – 62% of Canadians who voted didn’t vote for Harper and the Conservatives – and even more we so disenchanted with the whole system that they didn’t bother to vote at all.

Canada is one of few Western Democracies that don’t frequently have Coalitions forming the government – Germany, Switzerland, the Scandinavian Countries, often run on coalitions because no party can consistently form a majority government and govern effectively – because people have varied viewpoints and opinions on national issues.

By joining together, a coalition of several parties has to work together to include the views and priorities of the people who elected all of them – ensuring that more views get properly represented in the governing body and no one party has a monopoly on law-making.

The Canadian Constitution does allow for the formation of Coalitions, but since we’re so heavily influenced by both the US and the UK it just hasn’t really happened before, although we’ve come close in 1925 and during WW1.

But hey, its a democracy so you get to believe whatever you want to believe – just offering an option.

Thanks for listening

him – Just because someone didnt vote for harper doesnt mean they voted for a coalition supported by seperatists. I am for democracy I don’t care if they put it to a vote. The people should decide based on the new coalition.

I think people should have a chance to voice their opinion not have the governor general ram it down their throat.

me – I think if another election gets called 7 weeks after the last one we’ll see only about 30% voter turnout and it’ll be even less democratic, and less legitimate.

– – –

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