Wow, no updates with pictures since that long ago! i’ve been slacking i suppose! (or doing too much actual schoolwork, either way…!)

Well, here are the concluding pics of Christmas holidays, a whole 2 months or more ago!

Annie left to go to Euro Disney, and on the 27th both Alix and Jenn showed up! We ate a bunch of the left overs and had an all round great time with my mummy in cosy London!

One of the Days, Jenn and I decided to try and go to Pax Lodge, it was closed but we persevered and managed to find someone and tell them we were from Canada, and go in the shop.

After that, we of course had to go to Platform 9 and 3/4. You know us well enough to know that! 😀

Then Jenn left to go to Ireland for new years, Alix stayed and we had an exciting new years of watching Kingdom of Heaven (for future reference: not a new years eve movie) and then watched the fireworks on the BBC, even though we could hear them and see the sky lighting up with them from out the window.

We also went on the London Eye with Alix’s cousin and her husband.

its taller from the base than it looks from across the river.

Westminster from the sky.

Alix and me! In London!

Then Alix left and i took mummy on the tube to Heathrow, on the day that i rode the Piccadily line on the tube for a grand total of 52 stops. in a row. it was crazy.

After that i stayed in London for a night by myself and then took the train back to good old Polegate and unpacked for two days at the castle!

Pics to follow of :

  • Italy
  • Bath
  • Keats House
  • Geo Field Study
  • Mid Term trip to Brussels and Paris
  • Wales!
  • and much much more! – so stay tuned! 😀

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