This was our school ‘cultural studies trip’ to Bath, which was gorgeous but EXTREMELY cold!

we got up super early for the 4ish hour bus ride to Bath, some really beautiful countryside, marred only by the fact that we were watching family guy all the way there!

Bath Abbey, which i didn’t have time to go into

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a slightly tilted view of the bridge, made around the same time as the ponte vechio in florence, built along the same lines with covered shops built into the structure of the bridge

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The Royal Crescent, built for the rich of Bath in the Time of Jane Austen

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another beautiful regency building

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Eva and I at the Roman Baths, with our trusty audio guides

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Hannah and i in a duel to the *death*

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Hannah touching the healing waters…which apparently you aren’t supposed to actually touch, because the could be corrosive now, isn’t that ironic?

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view over the river

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Pretty church

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we spent about half an hour waiting for the busses to come (in the freezing) and we cheered whenever we thought our bus had come, and booed when it turned out to be for the other group of freezing tourists. they finally came and no one died of hypothermia!

the next wednesday at brownies i was informed that i was pronouncing ‘Bath’ wrong, and they spent the rest of the meeting trying to teach me how to say it correctly!


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