So i got back to the castle on the 6th of January. Tiffany and Katrina and I decided on the 9th, close to midnight, to go to Italy to Visit Jenn in Genova (Genoa) that weekend.

We booked our flights and left on the 12th to go to Stansted Airport, north of London. We had to stay overnight in the airport as our flight left early in the morning.

note: i didn’t manage to take very many flattering pictures of people over this weekend, consequently, most of these pictures are not of people. 😀

here’s us at Polegate. (Spend a day – Spend a lifetime)

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the view of Genova from the Sky

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we desperately tried to learn Italian with a book bought at the airport when the Starbucks had no Chai

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as soon as we got to the right part of town and dropped our bags at Jen’s we headed to the beach

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The weather was amazing, it was like i was in Victoria in June, BEAUTIFUL!

Image hosting by Photobucket

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During this trip Katrina and Tiffy became addicted to Desparate Housewives, however, I managed to drag them out of the apartment and we explored downtown Genova, including Europe’s largest Aquarium!

here’s a turtle. i liked him a lot.
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The Docks

Image hosting by Photobucket

Katrina, Tiffy and ME

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Quite possibly the coolest fountain ever.

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other highlights of the trip included:
– Seeing JEN!
– Buying Harry Potter in Italian after a wild goose chase to find it
– laughing hysterically with the bus driver as we tried to find our way back to jen’s
– being yelled at countless times because no one could get our attention in italian
– katrina working up the courage to test her newfound italian phrases on the guy in front of her on the bus, and him
running away before she could
– the bakery
– the bakery
– the bakery
– gelato
– the bakery (can you tell we went several times ? :D)


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