Seeing as i am living, basically at Hogwarts, our end of term closing ceremony was dubbed (by a few of us) as the Yule Ball

Katrina and I decided also to turn it into a Masquerade, hence the Masks

Here is My room-mate Alex and I in front of the Christmas Tree

The Lovely SLCs

Simon proceeded to try on My Mask

And The Jolly Recorder Choir…

Two Weeks Later was The Closing Dinner or – The Leaving Feast

The Dining (“Great”) Hall Filled…

Sayland, Megan, and Tom (glasses courtesy of Rachel)

Tiffany, Emily, Sayland, Megan and Tom

The Absent Katrina

The Absent Hannah

Sayland, Megan, Me, Tiffany and Emily

Dina, Spencer, Kiloran, and Eva

(Mum and I were there too, apparently i didn’t take pictures of that though!)


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