On November 5th, for of us boarded a train that would take us to the place known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Well, sort of….We went to London to be at the World Premiere of Harry
Potter and the Goblet of Fire in Leicester Square!  We had to get
there the evening before to make sure that we had a good place in line,
in order to be as close as possible to the red Carpet.

We brought with us blankets and coats in abundance and bundled down in preparation for a good long 24 hours of waiting.

we made a banner of extraordinary brilliance

and then there were only 8 hours left

So we read aloud from the book…

and constructed an umbrella fortress to shield us from the rain

The Square was decorated

With banners from the 3 schools

and a GIANT Goblet

Finally at 5:00 pm on the 6th of November the stars began to arrive:
we saw Igor Karkaroff, Headmaster of Durmstrang

and His Aide

There was Ginny Weasley

Moaning Myrtle

Viktor Krum

And NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM (he really liked us)

Seamus Finnigan

Draco Malfoy

And the TRIO, here’s RON Weasley

Harry Potter himself,

And Hermione Granger!

and here was my book when the night was through –

All in all it was an awesome evening, although very cold, and a lot of
standing in one place! It was amazing to be there, and see all these
really talented people, probably the coolest thing i’ve done!


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