We left Yorkshire and went to Emsworth, about 10 miles East of
Portsmouth, unfortunately i forgot to take my camera outside with me,
and it had no batteries!  But we Had a really great time with
mum’s friends Roger and Caroline

Then We Went back up to London, and Annie Came to visit us!  On
Christmas Eve, Annie, Mum and I went to St. Paul’s to see the Christmas
Carol Service, but the line looked like this:

and we didn’t get in, even though there’s a capacity of about 2000 people…

Here’s St. Paul’s

So we went on a Walk On the Thames

Mummy and Annie

The next day was Christmas! – We opened our presents and ate when our food was ready! (which was around 3pm)

Harrods was Shiny

and so was….R2D2?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Holidays Part II

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