Sorry for the lack of pictures recently, with exams and my computer
being on the fritz, it has taken me longer than i expected to have a
chance to do a proper update!

Here are some pictures of my weekend trip to the Cornish Coast!

This trip was organised by the uni for all the students that weren’t in
French (those kids got to go to Paris that weekend) The supposed main
draw to this trip was the Surfing…however, i heard the words
‘Tintagel’ and ‘Stonehenge’ and set my alarm early to sign up!
the surfing was kind of an afterthought, i didn’t really think that i
would go in the water, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! (even
though it was the middle of NOVEMBER!)

First Stop: Stonehenge!!!!!!

Hi Stonehenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s me.  A nice British person took pity on me after watching me take pictures of myself for about
five minutes, and took the picture for me!

Megan and I – we’re going for the Windswept Look (our hair remained the same throughout the weekend)

Then on to the Surfing Haven of Newquay on the very edge of Cornwall (another 4-5 hour drive)

Here was our hostel – ‘The Aqua Shack’ with no hot running water = no showers after being in the Atlantic ocean.

a house on its own island on the beach…we wanted to walk across the bridge but then someone told us that
it was private property and they didn’t enjoy having pesky tourists around!

We decided to explore, and found a very very windy rock, and decided to try and fly…

my expression after observing the ocean we were going to go surfing in the next day (part of the smile is from fear…)

we then climbed a hill that we could see the whole town from, with a
war memorial at the very top, fitting as it was Remembrance Day.

Because of our walk and playing in the waves, we were EXTREMELY cold and hungry, so we did something one must do in Cornwall –
We Ate Cornish Pasties, in Cornwall, and commemorated the occasion with this photo.

The next day our group was off to the beach called “lusty glades”

That’s my group practicing how to stand up…i never managed to do it in the water

Next Step: flinging self into Atlantic Ocean.

The Aftermath: Soggy, Cold, Numb, and Exilhirated!

Sunset over the beach

The next day – Tintagel Castle, home to King Arthur!


Blatant exploitation of myth – Merlin’s Gifts (yes i did go in, no i did not buy anything there)

and Merlin’s cave (it went all the way through the underside of the
castle) two guys went all the way through while the tide was coming in,
got stranded on the other side
and then had to scale the cliff and climb up to the castle the other
way…surprising the security guard, he’d never seen anyone do that

The “Wurfers” in their entirety (Wanna-be-a-surfer)


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