The Second day in Edinburgh we got onto a bus at 8 am and drove for an hour and a half to a place called New Lanark, which was an old factory town. It was really beautiful and it gave us a chance to see some of the countryside

New Lanark is a UNESCO World Heritage site because its basically unchanged since 1800 when it was built.

Here’s Katrina and Sayland welcoming you to New Lanark!
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a view of New Lanark from above
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We hiked to the falls of Clyde
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Which are the reason that a cotton factory could be built in the middle of nowhere – water power!
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A Scottish Puddle
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A Giant Globe in the schoolhouse. I want one. They had to stop me from taking it…it might have fit in my dorm room…in the middle-ish
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How they describe home on the giant globe
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Katrina and I in the traditional phonebooth picture
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In the gift shop, along with postcards and t shirts and those such things, they had tiaras and wands, a set for only 99p, naturally Katrina, Emily and I bought some, Tom took them and put them on voluntarily
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They also had a video game in the schoolhouse, where you can learn about the restoration process that helped New Lanark to become a world heritage site
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(I saved New Lanark!yay)

On the way back we amused our history professor by singing songs from Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Monty Python and the Arrogant worms, at the end of the bus ride he said we obviously needed more assignments if we could sing after a field study, he then threw a paper ball at Tom. 🙂

I also took a picture of this
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Look closely to see what it says on the side!


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