We basically had about 20 hours in Liverpool, we got there late at night on the 26th and some people went out to dinner, i however had a cold and an ear infection, so i went to bed as soon as we got to the hostel!

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Our 6 person hostel room (that’s Emily, Tiffany and Megan)
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that was in the hallway called
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We did a walking tour for about 2 hours that morning, our guide was great, he was a really nice guy and told us lots of really cool things!

Here’s the Beatles store in the cavern quarter
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The Grapes, where the Beatles used to have a drink after their performances at the Cavern Club
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For a second i thought we were in the dodgy end of Hogsmead
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Look at the Liver bird on the top of the building!
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Canada Boulivard
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Seaside
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The Beatles story museum
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Megan and I being silly wearing our Beatles shirts that we bought 5 minutes earlier in Liverpool (can anyone say “Tourist”?! lol)
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On the way from Liverpool back to the castle we watched Catch me if you can, then Katrina, Claude (one of the slc’s) and Christian Lloyd, who’s in charge of planning things, and I comandeered the formerly democratic system of choosing movies and put Roadhouse on. Patrick Swayze, 1989. Awesome movie. best quotes include “pain don’t hurt” and “i majored in Philosphy”. Even though people complained, we know they actually enjoyed it.


5 thoughts on “Liverpool Oct 27

  1. Hello! I’m a totally random stranger here. Well, not so random, because I went to the ISC last year, and found you by seeing who else had ‘herstmonceux castle’ listed as an interest. 😛
    Anyhoo, the point of this comment! Have you heard of ? The community is sadly not as active as it could be, but we’re looking for past, present, and future Castle Kids to join so it WILL be more active. 🙂
    I must say, your photos are certainly bringing back memories!

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