Last week was the Midterm Trip to Edinburgh and Liverpool, with many interesting stops in between, I’m going to do this post in a series, one for each stop we made, so i can keep everything straight. Enjoy!

We left the castle at 5:30 in the morning and did several stops along the road to Edinburgh (it was a 14 hour drive, plus the time we spent at the stops)

On the way up to Edinburgh we stopped at the National Coal Mining Museum, outside of Wakefield, in Yorkshire. We looked around the museum and the grounds and then went down an old mine that was actually in operation until 1989 I believe. The mine was really interesting, but i don’t think i’ll voluntarily go 400 metres below ground level again… we weren’t allowed to bring any cameras, watches etc, that had batteries in them in case they were faulty and caused a spark, so consequently i don’t have any pictures.

we got in to Edinburgh about 10:00 at night so I went to bed (some others walked around the city but i was too tired from the long day)

Edinburgh Castle
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The view from my hotel room
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The View from the top of Edinburgh Castle
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Some of the Canons in The Castle
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The First Day in Edinburgh it was pouring with rain, POURING. Very Scottish weather (i was worried that i could drown just by breathing) We had a tour of Edinburgh Castle and then of the Scottish Parliament. My Camera also broke halfway through the day so i don’t have that many pictures of our adventures, but luckily it fixed itself later on!

The Scottish Parliament
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We had dinner at the Elephant House Cafe
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Which is where JK Rowling spent a lot of time writing the Harry Potter Novels
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4 thoughts on “Edinburgh Oct 24th

  1. Edinburgh
    Loved the pics of Edinburgh Pip……..Garth and I love that city. Keep snapping away for those of us back home. So nice to be able to see the sights through your eyes. Love, Diane

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