Brighton, Sept 16th, 2005

Our First outing to Brighton was this past Friday. In the morning we went to the University of Sussex to learn where the library and pub was, (that was about the extent of our tour) then we were bussed to Brighton (all 166 of us) and had about 4 hours of free time.

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this is me in front of the Royal Pavillion, in Brighton, we peeked inside but didn’t pay for the full tour because in a couple of months we’ll be going with our geography class for free!

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it was a gorgeous day, bright sunshine but not too hot,

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a close up of the rocky beach and the broken down pier in the distance (the one with the themepark on it is behind me)

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Kiloran and i found this giant green doughnut, we’re not exactly sure what it is, but we took pictures!

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The essential restaurant in these parts

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a last shot of Brighton Pier, complete with fortune tellers, roller coaster, haunted house, and much much more

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4 Responses to Brighton, Sept 16th, 2005

  1. king_zudah says:

    Send me a full-size version of the beautiful day picture. I’d like to turn it into a new journal layout. If you don’t mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Never forget W209
      Hi Judah,
      I have enjoyed all your comments and the pics, but I have no idea how to become an Open ID person.
      What a sunny day you had in London. Just in August I was at the monument to where the fire started.
      Our theme this year is “Feast of Life” pretty ethereal I think.
      Miss you of course. What great friends you are making already. I gave our the camera with your sticky on it. Thought of you.
      Study hard, but enjoy the experience.
      Talk to you soon.
      Jill Martin

  2. j_chu says:

    I love the pic of the rocks. I think it’s amazing.

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