Classes have officially started! As of today I’m a university student!
I had all 5 of my classes today, and they were each 1.5 hours long,
which meant that i had to have coffee at dinner tonight to get throught
the 7pm to 9:30 pm class. šŸ˜€

Yesterday we went on a bus tour around the neighbouring areas in East Sussex,

First we went to a place called Birling Gap which was absolutely gorgeous (along the lines of the white cliffs of Dover)

Image hosted by

here are Megan, Emily, Katrina, Me and Kiloran at Birling Gap
Image hosted by

on the way to the next stop, look at this gorgeous river meander…
Image hosted by

Then we went to a small quintesential English Village called Alfriston,
which was beautiful (and had a really nice chocolate shop where i
bought some mint hot chocolate mix)

a street in alfriston
Image hosted by

leaving alfriston, coolest car ever!
Image hosted by

After that we went to Pevensy Castle, which boasts that it has
protected England for 2000 years. Originally it was a peninsula,
surrounded on three sides by water, and therefore a valuable defensive
position. It was first fortified by the Romans, which is the time
period the outer walls come from. After the Romans left Britain, the
castle was used by William the Conqueror from which he attacked inland
at Hastings, and began the period of the English.

Image hosted by

here are megan, katrina and i on some of the Roman Walls, you can’t actually see how high up we are, but we are…

Image hosted by

Me on the outer walls of Pevensy Castle

Image hosted by

looking towards the inner walls of Pevensy
Image hosted by

Our Final stop was Eastbourne, a large town on the seaside, which was
very pretty, but not exactly a “young” town (today my Geography Prof
described it as “God’s Waiting Room” to give you an idea…) This is
where we finally got to go shopping! I spent two hours looking for a
good package of tea, which i must say, i thought would be an easier
task, considering where i am… but i finally found a store that i
bought some mint tea, and earle gray tea from. (and milk, which is
currently in the communal fridge with a very explicit note explaining
that it is mine and only mine!)

the beach at Eastbourne
Image hosted by

(bonus points for anyone who can tell me what those wall type things
are that are holding in the beach, preventing longshore drift from
doing its work! hint => ask someone in geography)

Self Pic in Eastbourne

Image hosted by

Then we headed back to the castle for dinner, and then the
opening ceremonies, where we had the chance to meet some of our profs
and the other staff, and we got wine and cheese, which was nice. Then
off to bed, and up early for the first day of classes!


4 thoughts on “Travels and Studies

  1. Here with Mme Martine…
    She would like to say: “You didn’t invite me to your party! You’re far too technologically advanced now ; I can’t teach you anything. We got 2 more eMacs. I want to come and visit – don’t forget to e-mail!! Love you lots, Jill.”
    We’re in her room. And I bookmarked this LJ for her so now she can keep abreast (look at me all fancy) of all ur adventures.
    She’d also like to congratulate you on ur AP score, of which I told her because I am such a bigmouthed S.O.B.
    Love you
    D and J~

  2. hey pip! those pics are amazing. they look unreal! you are so lucky. it sounds like you are having a great time. keep taking pictures! uvic is fun, but not too exciting. ill write u more in an email! miss ya

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