I’ve created this journal so that i can keep an account of my
adventures in England that my friends and family can read while i am
away.  I’ll post stories, and most definately pictures of my
castle, my journey, my experiences and my surroundings.

One week from now i shall be setting off for East Sussex,
England.  1066 Country, the land of William the Conqueror’s
Winning Battle for the Rule of England.

Herstmonceux Castle, Hailsham, East Sussex, Britain.

My New Home (with a Moat and everything!)

So feel free to read, to comment, and leave your name so I know who you are, and can hear your thoughts.



4 thoughts on “One Week From Now

  1. I can’t believe you get a moat! Can you post your address when you know it, so that we can spend loads of time and money mailing you? Thank you, and have SOO! much fun, best of luck

  2. wanted to make the number of ppl fit with the action. there’s prolly a fancy lit term for that…but i got nothing. essentially, it said ‘1 have left…’ and that hurt me. now it’ll say ‘2 have left…’ which is better. i am hoping to maybe get over to europe during the year but am unsure of the price. slash am poor.
    love and definitely keep me posted

  3. Very nice Pippa. How about this. We’ll go to London and watch a movie together, or how about you go see Phantom of the Opera with me.
    Come on just do it.
    Oh, and I want to talk to you about Christmas, some problems may have come about…

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